cliffCliff Berry puts his all into creating an environment that is conducive for physical and mental growth. His training career started at the ripe old age of 10 years old helping out his uncle Maurice Compton’s clients, fast forwarding to today Cliff has successfully trained over 5000 people including Fit Camps and personal training, this number continues to rise. He was a 4 sport star athlete in high school, 2 sport star athlete in college and lastly a professional baseball player. Cliff is results driven, pushing people to reach heights they believed was unattainable. The will to succeed is in us all he simply brings it out.

Cliff Berry is certified via

•   NASM

•   ACE

•   SCW





Chika_photoChika Obih is a Certified Nutrition Consultant through studies at Bauman College – Holistic Nutrition & Culinary School. She earned her B.S. in Business Administration from the University of California – Berkeley. She decided to pursue her passion of health, healing with food and helping people get their lives in order. She created Soul-Wholesome Nutrition as a way to share with others how eating a diet of rich, colorful, nutritious whole foods can bring one energy, joy, and success.

Chika specializes in fat loss, diabetes, insulin resistance, autoimmune, adrenal fatigue, and sports & fitness performance. She also works closely with those who have been yo-yo dieting for years and have battled life health challenges.

Via face-to-face, Skype, or phone, Chika offers nutrition consulting services through her private practice, Soul-Wholesome Nutrition. Looking to fine-tune your eating habits and start living the life you deserve? Chika is dedicated to getting you on track so that you can enjoy your best life.




bio_samSamantha Wise works as a Senior Executive Assistant in the General Counsel’s office for a local utility company. In 2004, she co-founded C.E.O. (Community Enrichment Organization) where she is the Executive Director whose mission is to “Improve the lives of children and families by providing family support, mentorship and a safe inviting environment in which the family structure is reinforced”. Samantha decided to give back to her community because she feels it’s her job to provide support to youth and the elderly. Being raise modestly by both her parents and grandparents who spent their whole lives giving back, it was a given that she would do the same. Having faced challenges of her own growing up Samantha is vested in being a servant in her community. Samantha uses her resources to engage local Corporations to do more to help their communities. Through her organizational efforts Samantha coordinates a cheer mentoring program of 50 girls, produces a Valentine event with the elderly, host an Easter egg hunt for over 3000 participants, hosts three Community Feeds yearly, collects and distributes Hygiene kits to the homeless, Adopts 15 families for Thanksgiving and Christmas and matches young boys to Adult Male mentors. In 2012 Samantha was a National Jefferson Award winner where she was flown to Washington DC to receive this noble prize for doing community service. Samantha also participated in the City of Oakland Leadership program, is a current member of the Arroyo Park Advisory Council and the Black Employee’s Association at PG&E. Samantha now encourages women to live a healthier life style spiritually and physically by providing spiritual and physical coaching by using the bible and teaching a boot camp 3 days week to bay area women. Samantha enjoys being a wife and a mother of three children.